NAB, Broadcasters, Broadband and The Internet of Things

Mid-April Las Vegas Super Session Breaks New Ground (Las Vegas, NV, April 13, 2015) – On Tax Day, Wednesday, April 15, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), for the first time ever, will present a session about the Internet of Things, titled “Broadband and the Internet of Things: Realities and Myths.”   This bigger-than-normal-in-audience-size-and-attention “Super Session” will take the NAB… Read More

More Content, More Content, More Content!

Study Finds Rights Hamper New Media While Demand Rises The Carmel Group’s most recent across-the-industry study looks at where the video industry is headed in the next 3-5-to-7-year time span, focused almost entirely on the content side of the business.* We asked questions of 30+ key C-Level executives representing a macro cross-section of the federal government, trade groups, telecom law… Read More

Net Neutrality Decisions, Acronyms, and The Comcast-TWC Merger

Handicapping Future Acquisitions Based on Word Abbreviations? At the time and place of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (LVC), the Washington, DC (WDC)-based Satellite Broadcasting Communications Association (SBCA), conducted an off-site “Leadership Luncheon” (SBCALL). This SBCALL was organized by The Carmel Group (TCG), in conjunction with SBCA (of course), EchoStar (DISH and SATS), and DirecTV (DTV),… Read More

Roamio, TabletTV, and Dish’s ‘Griddle,’ Join Sling and The Disruptors

Reviving The Internet TV Trend; A Huge Challenge to Traditional Pay TV1/09/2015 7:45 AM Author: Jimmy Schaeffler The top headline above deals with video services and in-home consumer devices. Yet, someone young and new to the media and telecom industries might easily confuse this title with groups and music stars among their youthful music and entertainment. Indeed, “Sling and The… Read More

Dish to Sling new live online TV, with ESPN, for $20 a month

Televised sports are the biggest reason cable and satellite customers don’t cancel their subscriptions for online alternatives, surveys show. That gives cable and satellite companies little incentive to stream games online. But Dish Network is betting its future on a stand-alone streaming service that includes the most popular TV sports network, ESPN, and a dozen other top channels for just… Read More

SBCA’s Annual Leadership Luncheon To Tackle Today’s Telecoms Realm, Trends + Concerns For SatBroadcasting™

SBCA’s Annual Leadership Luncheon To Tackle Today’s Telecoms Realm, Trends + Concerns For SatBroadcasting™ On January 6, 2015, the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA) it will be holding its 2015 Leadership Luncheon Panel in Las Vegas. The emergence of digital technology has placed many traditional industries at significant risk. However, it has also provided them with access to… Read More