An old adage has it, “Know Your Friends Well, Your Enemies Better.”

Following that mantra, The Carmel Group’s early focus on satellite and cable was constantly buttressed via its understanding of competing industries, especially telephony. This dates back to the early 1990s and the attempted purchase of cable operator TCI by the then-telco, Bell Atlantic.

In fact, as a business, The Carmel Group’s first consulting job, way back in 1996, involved a study done for a major Asian telco operator, among the top three in the world, which was looking for an assessment of the competitive multichannel environment, and a SWOT analysis of various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. That same operator had The Carmel Group return twice for an additional review and assessment of similar coverage during a couple of subsequent years.

Today, as operators on the telco side of the business take their third major march into the video and advanced services spaces, The Carmel Group is poised to assist them to finally succeed in their quest to bring telco, audio/video, two-way broadband Internet services, and wireless mobile services and products to all Americans, thus significantly raising the future competitive bar for broadcasters, as well as cable, satellite, and other mobile operators. A publicly-issued report completed for AT&T, in fall 2005, entitled “Convergence In California’s Communications Marketplace: Its Impact on CA Jobs, Investment and the Economy,” is yet another example of The Carmel Group’s strength in the telephony side of the global telecom industry.