In all the years of traditional TV as the existing generations know it (i.e., traditional broadcast and pay TV today), perhaps no other change has the potential to so change it as that of Over-The-Top (OTT)/Broadband/Online Video distribution using Internet Protocol TV (IPTV).

Short and sweet, this is where The Carmel Group has placed a tremendous amount of its resources during the past three years.

An example includes a session The Carmel Group’s Jimmy Schaeffler is scheduled to moderate at the Satellite 2013 event March 20 in Washington, DC, that is described below:

“The Multiplatform Play: Broadcasters Move From Few To Many”

3-20-2013 Wednesday 3:15p-4:30p Panel Session:

Paul Bush, Senior VP, Corporate & Business Development, Telesat

Josh Clark, VP, Digital Programming, DISH Network

Charlie Myers, VP, Distribution & Technology, Discovery Communications

Peter Ostapiuk, VP, Media Product Management, Intelsat

Rich Wolf, VP, Telecommunications & Affiliate Services, ABC TV Network

The traditional, decades-tested broadcast model of serving a known universe of end-users and traditional “devices” – headends, downlinks, televisions and set-top boxes – has deconstructed dramatically in just a few short years as live, hi-def, and full-motion video appears on phones, tablets, laptops, and other video-ready platforms. Meanwhile, there are no consistent standards to shape this evolution, no real interoperability, and just about everyone – from end users to service providers – are pretty much out there on their own. How are broadcasters dealing with multiple platforms? How will what we are familiar with now change and move content delivery forward in the future? What are the technical issues? In the emerging and global smart phone wars, who will prevail and what impact will they have on content providers and, ultimately, bandwidth demand?

Or from the online version: