Despite incredibly strong threats during the past twenty years from competitor DBS, and then and now from both the telco video and the Streaming Over-The-Top/broadband/online video providers, cable, through investments of scores of billions of dollars in its infrastructure during the fifteen years starting in the last part of the last millennium (and various other savvy moves), has turned the tide and is making moves to get back in the broadband and U.S. Pay TV telecom driver’s seat. Building a bigger pipe into the home has meant unique access to video consumers, who can then also be offered telephone, 2-way Internet broadband and, one day, likely, wireless services, in cable’s version of the 4-way Bundle.

Yet, the cable industry must continually keep its eyes and concentration on those approaching from a new direction: in this case, especially the telcos and Streaming/OTT/broadband/online video providers. For a couple of dozen years already, lead especially by AT&T and Verizon, the telephone industry had been delivering, en masse, its own versions of “bundles to the home (and business),” which stand the chance of moving the U.S. telecom tectonic plates once again. Plus, of perhaps even more potential disruption, are the changes coming because of those pesky Streaming/OTT/broadband/online video stakeholders. And ultimately, behind both the pay TV distributors and their rivals, are the all-powerful content producers and rights holders, which among themselves hold incredible sway over what does and does not happen to global video viewers, as do local, regional, and federal governmental entities.

The Carmel Group remains poised to assist not only the telcos and Streaming/OTT/broadband/online video players to achieve their goals, but concurrently to assist the content folks, as well as the broadcast, cable, and DBS operators, in their efforts to not only maintain, but enhance, market shares, revenues, and satisfied customers. IN short, The Carmel Group just loves TV!