Since 1995 – almost two whole decades – The Carmel Group has endeavored first and foremost to more than amply serve its clients. Historically, this has always been a prime focus for us, both as a company and as individuals.

Early industry focus following spin-off from Paul Kagan Associates in 1995, was on the burgeoning satellite TV (or Direct Broadcast Satellite) industry. Moreover, as the DBS industry further consolidated, the primary focus of The Carmel Group transitioned rather naturally to what DBS was always a part of: The Global Pay TV industry. The Global Pay TV Industry, along with the Global Broadcast TV Industry, is where The Carmel Group sees its core interest and expertise today, and also as we move into our third decade as a company.

Along the way, The Carmel Group considers as one of its greatest achievements the huge pool of industry and related executive contacts and relationships that have returned that treasured interest and respect for The Carmel Group. This “networking” ability is something that one just cannot buy, nor achieve easily, as each relationship is developed carefully and nurtured in good faith and in the best of manners.

Importantly, as well, the knowledge of how to approach and solve problems is what The Carmel Group has best learned through the decades. Thousands of successful projects – completed no matter what it takes – is what has built this creditability.

It is this history – together with that impeccable service — that we consistently provide to and for our clients.