The Carmel Group’s “2017 BWA/Fixed Wireless Report”                                                                                                            On The Top Of the Stack At The Stiffel Banking Desk Library in San Francisco, CA
ACA Webinar given by Jimmy Schaeffler, Jeff Kohler and Joe Glende, Feb 22, 2018



ACA Educational Webinar Series – February 2018 
Fixed Wireless:  Competition or Opportunity?


Thursday,  February 22, 2018
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST
The fixed wireless industry is growing throughout the United States and worldwide. Providers of fixed wireless service could be a source of competition for traditional wireline ISPs, but the technology also can present new opportunities for growth and expansion. In 2017, telecom consulting firm, The Carmel Group, released a study of the fixed wireless industry, which includes interviews with representatives of 30 fixed wireless providers, vendors, and thought leaders. The report provides an informational and analytic resource that describes the fixed wireless industry and providers’ perspectives on future opportunities, threats, and outlooks.
In this webinar, Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman and CSO of The Carmel Group, will present his firm’s findings and provide in-depth analysis on the state of this market segment. We’ll also hear from Jeff Kohler, Co-founder of Rise Broadband, the largest fixed wireless provider in the U.S. Webinar attendees will come away from this event armed with important information about fixed wireless infrastructure, financing, policy, marketing, and other important data, which can be used to consider the competitive risk of this service and whether and how wireline ISPs can integrate fixed wireless service into their business. 
Mary Lovejoy, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, ACA
Matt Polka, President and CEO, ACA
Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, The Carmel Group
Jeff Kohler, Co-founder, Chief Development Officer, and Director, Rise Broadband
Additional speakers to be announced


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Jimmy Schaeffler delivering a State of the Broadband Wireless Access/Fixed Wireless Industry presentation at Telrad Miami Roadshow January 24, 2018.