The hallmark of The Carmel Group’s consulting, both on the basic research and subsequent analyses levels, is independence and objectivity.

We pride ourselves on a longer view, which is an integrity-basedindependent work product, analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats encountered by any client and/or their competitors, and then allowing that client to act upon that independent information to make its best decisions. Research is most often consumer-based, an example of which is the recent, early 2007, 1,800 U.S. consumer study we completed, entitled “DVRs: Time in a Magical Box.”

Projects also involve research of our own proprietary data bases, media, and industry executives. Analyses include studies and interpretations of collected data, such as the survey information sought during our second 1,200 member survey of the American Cable Association (ACA) members, done in the first half of 2006.