The Carmel Group’s litigation consulting and expert witness experience dates back almost two decades, to our initial breach of contract damages analysis conducted for a large pan-Asian telecommunications concern, located in Malaysia, in the mid-1990s. The Carmel Group’s data was instrumental in allowing that client to reach a significant high multi-million dollar settlement, well within the higher end of the range it expected.

Since that date, The Carmel Group has been involved in numerous cases, large and small, on the national and international levels, typically focusing on projections and forecasts, as well as actual estimates of industry overviews, revenues, costs, models, and profits.

As an example, The Carmel Group was employed in 2004 and named in trial by TiVo’s counsel, Irell Manella, in the now rather famous/infamous TiVo vs. EchoStarpatent infringement trial that, concluded in Tivo’s favor in mid-March 2006, and again in 2011. The Carmel Group’s data and financial damages analysis was a critical element behind the jury’s $70+ mil. verdict, and many later parts of the litigation, as well.

Recognizing the importance of discretion in today’s competitive landscape, The Carmel Group places a high premium on our clients’ privacy, confidentiality, and identity.

The Carmel Group’s client experience, nonetheless, within the public domain, includes as a snap-shot,these eight federal court cases below:

  • EchoStar vs. News Corp.
  • TiVo vs. EchoStar
  • Sears vs. DirecTV
  • TV Polska vs. Echostar
  • Forgent vs. DirecTV
  • EchoStar vs. NDS
  • Videotron vs. Bell ExpressVu
  • Goldwasser vs. TiVo
  • DirecTV vs. Sears
  • TiVo vs. Motorola
  • TiVo vs. Cisco