The Carmel Group held its first conference, “DBS: The 5 Burning Questions,” in February 1996. That was 27 years ago. Since that time, The Carmel Group has completely or co-organized literally hundreds of panels and demonstrations and general sessions and keynote addresses, literally across the globe. These range from a 2008 satellite conference in Hyderabad, India, to a “Future of Video” presentation before the board of South African-HQd Naspers, held in Shanghai, China, in 2004. Or they range from three NAB Super Sessions at scattered NAB Shows in Las Vegas, to a whole-day set of 8 panels and three keynotes done on the floor of the world-famous CeBIT event run by Messe Hannover, in 2007, in Germany, and a similar event in 2009 held by the Turkish-based Hannover Fairs in Istanbul, Turkey.

These days, typical presentations, general sessions, webinars, podcasts, and moderations by The Carmel Group, include CES, Satellite Shows, NAB, INTX/The National Cable Telecom Association (NCTA), IBC, WISPA, WISP America, and many smaller, more intimate corporate events, such as corporate retreats and board meetings.