The Carmel Group held its first conference, “DBS: The 5 Burning Questions,” in February 1996. That was 26 years ago. Since that time, The Carmel Group has completely or co-organized literally hundreds of panels and demonstrations and general sessions and keynote addresses, literally across the globe. These range from a 2008 satellite conference in Hyderabad, India, to a “Future of Video” presentation before the board of South African-HQd Naspers, held in Shanghai, India, in 2004. Or they range from three NAB Super Sessions at scattered NAB Shows in Las Vegas, to a whole-day set of 8 panels and three keynotes done on the floor of the world-famous CeBIT event run by Messe Hannover, in 2007, and a similar event in 2009 held by the Turkish-based Hannover Fairs in Istanbul, Turkey.

These days, typical presentations, general sessions, webinars, podcasts, and moderations by The Carmel Group, include CES, Satellite 2013, NAB, The National Cable Telecom Association (NCTA), IBC, WISPA, and many smaller, more intimate corporate events, such as corporate retreats and board meetings.