As U.S. and global firms expand and choose new digital strategies and venues for their business plans, reliable and actionable data and high-level analysis is essential in the decision-making processes for mid- and top-level executives.

For nearing three decades, The Carmel Group has conducted a wide variety of consulting for domestic and international entities and individuals working in the industries sectors reached by telecom, media, and entertainment.

Companies ranging from the lagest and most influential, to the small and newly-developing, and from the for-profit, to the governmental and educational, and the non-profit, seek the wisdom, knoledge, and expertise that our analysts, and decades’ worth of spreadsheets, databases, and libraries provide.

Above all, The Carmel Group expertly provides specialized business valuations and competitive analyses, forensic accounting and litigation support, as well as expert witness testimony, in the areas of telecommunications, and specifically the media, entertainment, and computer industries.

Samples of The Carmel Group’s Client Experience:

Top 3 global aerospace and manufacturing company
Top 3 global telephone company
Top 3 global chip manufacturer
Top 3 global consumer electronics manufacturer
Top 5 U.S. and global satellite manufacturer
Top 3 global Over-The-Top (OTT)/broadband/online video provider
Top 2 Set-top Box (STB) manufacturer
Top 3 mobile telecom distributor
Top 3 U.S. telecommunications company
Top 2 U.S. satellite service providers
Top 3 global telecom insurer
Top 2 DVR company
Top 3 Global streaming distributor and content producer
Top 5 U.S. investment banking firm
Top 2 U.S. cable trade group
Top 3 Japanese telecommunications company
Top 3 global content producer and distributor
Top 3 global satellite distributor
Top 3 U.S. cable distributor
Top/Largest U.S. Hybrid Fiber Wireless trade group
Top/Largest U.S. Hybrid Fiber Wireless trade group magazine

Recognizing the importance of discretion in today’s competitive landscape, The Carmel Group places a high premium on our clients’ privacy, confidentiality, and identity (as noted above). Mr. Schaeffler learned well the lessons of discretion in his days as an actively-practicing civil and criminal attorney and judge. He retains that strong mindset today.

That notwithstanding, The Carmel Group’s client and relational experiences, within the public domain, broadly includes and is highlighted by (but is not limited to) as examples, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA/INTX), The Satellite Broadcasting and Communciations Association (SBCA), AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, DISH, DirecTV, Comcast, Charter, Google, SES, Disney/ABC, Level 3, Akamai, Space Systems/Loral, Netflix, Hulu, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), and the American Cable Association (ACA), today called ACA Connects.