Fixed Wireless Pay TV: Understanding the New DNA

Pay TV operators and equipment vendors are facing remarkable new changes, as TV consumers increasingly become “cord cutters” and migrate away from cable and satellite providers toward cellular/mobile and fixed-wireless providers. Understanding the latter two pay TV competitors thus becomes ever more critical to managing today’s cable and satellite TV landscapes. Some very interesting data points have emerged within the… Read More

6 More Trends Driving the Future of TV

Part 2: Technology-enabled shifts in the distribution ecosphere Following up on six trends driving the future of content, here are six technology-enabled developments that are driving how television content is distributed and consumed.   1. More (and Smarter) Devices Both mobile and stationary devices will continue to populate the home, business and travel lives of Americans. That’s because we like it!… Read More

How Data Analytics Is Changing TV

Traditional Pilots vs. Viewer Measurement Few know and appreciate that one of the best examples of the power, indeed the magic, of modern data analytics is Netflix’s series House of Cards (HOC).   Indeed, HOC registers as one of the most successful TV and video programming introductions of all time. Yet, what is most remarkable is how HOC was developed and introduced. As HOC star Kevin Spacey explained in… Read More

Comcast, TiVo, AT&T, Dish: Four Possible Q4 Video Strategies

Consolidation, Diversification Rule the Day It is wise to occasionally remind readers of the reason behind this column’s name, “Mixed Signals.”   “Mixed Signals” got its name because so many of the video silos we construct to help us understand and organize the chaotic video marketplace are rather artificial. This is another way of saying that the businesses and signals… Read More

Programmatic and Relevant Ads: Successfully Tapping the Universal Passion

Ad-Blocking App Misses the Point   It was one of those “Ah-ha” moments. It then turned quickly into an out-loud “What!!!???” moment.   The San Francisco Bay Area’s KGO radio station was talking over-the-air with an anonymous technology editor, labeled an “expert” on the topic of advertising. It was mid-afternoon last Friday, Sept. 18.   The topic was ad-blocking, specifically… Read More