Since 1995 (more than a quarter century), The Carmel Group has provided world class, in-depth, independent and objective consulting, research and analyses of the global and U.S. domestic Cable, Satellite, Telephone, Wireless, Over-The-Top (OTT)/Broadband/Online (Streaming) Video, and Broadcast businesses, as well as more specific advanced telecommunication sub-sectors, such as HDTV/3D/4K/8K, Interactive TV (iTV), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Video On Demand (VOD), Electronic Sell Through (EST), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), and Video Gaming.


The Carmel Group Presentation

For 23 years, The Carmel Group has leveraged its extensive and world-renowned knowledge to assist corporate and individual and governmental clients with invaluable strategic consulting, introductions, networking, fundraising and litigation services, in addition to organizing and participating in annual conferences, featuring top industry leaders, as well as the publishing of newsletters, data books, technology books, white papers, and special reports.

We offer our clients around the world the best intelligence and strategic guidance, thus allowing each to enhance its position and profitability within its industry segment (or within new industry segments). It is never an exaggeration for The Carmel Group to note, “Our clients are the focus of everything we do.”