In several unique ways, it’s a great time to be a content producer/distributor, especially if you are a studio stakeholder or someone connected with the advertising industry.

Plus, with more and more remarkable movies, TV shows, and even online streaming content coming from those content makers to users’ video monitors, smart phones, tablets and smart TVs everywhere, it’s quite easy to conclude “…quality content…that’s the core reason why the world loves motion pictures and video so much.”

Yet, to think it through properly, some real credit also has to be given to the technical and hardware sides of the video equation. Indeed, it’s frequently a real chicken and egg dilemma…what comes first, and what is more important to the experience… the software, or the hardware to show it on?

In recent months, French-owned and French-based Technicolor (formerly known as RCA and Thomson Consumer Electronics) has unveiled two particular developments that go a long way toward improving the look and visual feel, as well as the availability, of whatever it is that makes it in front of the world’s billions of TVs, and billions of computers (and other portable screens of every size and found everywhere today). Technicolor is helping to develop both objective standards, and content access performance mechanisms, that help the industry and the consumer to get more out of their respective hardware and software investments.

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