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2021 Fixed-Wireless and Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Report

The Carmel Group’s “2021 Fixed-Wireless and Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Report” is the product of years and years of research and analysis, including those spent on the prior version published five years ago, titled the “2017 BWA Report.” With the purpose of engaging or continuing a positive dialogue, we ask that you accurately complete the four-entry free access form that follows your click through below. Thank you in advance for your support of great research that remarkably explains a remarkable industry.

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2021 Fixed Wireless and Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Numbers: Broadband Is Healthy
By Jimmy Schaeffler

In this Mixed Signals post, The Carmel Group reveals details of an 18-month long study and resulting report, delving into the U.S. fixed wireless and hybrid fiber-wireless industry.

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WISPAMERICA Show Daily – Day 2

During a sit down with Larsen to discuss the “State of WISPA” at WISPAMERICA’s opening presentations yesterday, WISPA president and CEO Claude Aiken concurred that several WISP members of the association had shared similar experiences to Vistabeam’s. That anecdotal evidence has been quantified by a new report that came out Monday from the Carmel Group.

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Fixed Wireless Forecast: 12.7 Million Subscribers by 2025 with Improving ARPU

A fixed wireless forecast from the Carmel Group and the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association calls for improved economics and average revenue per user (ARPU), as well as strong subscriber and revenue growth. Fixed wireless providers increasingly are using a hybrid approach in which fiber is used for backhaul connectivity and in some cases, is extended all the way to the customer to provide higher-speed service, the report notes.

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WISPs to command 9M customers by next year – analysts

A new report indicates that the fixed wireless Internet industry in the US is growing by leaps and bounds, and operators could collect up to 10 million customers by 2023.

The report from the Carmel Group was published Monday, the day that the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) trade association kicked off its annual WISPAMERICA trade show. The report also represents an update to the 2017 report published by the Carmel Group that counted 4 million fixed wireless customers at the end of 2016.

“The positive trajectory of subscribers and revenues in the US fixed-wireless broadband industry is real cause for objective optimism,” the report noted.

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2017 BWA Survey

In late 2016 and well into 2017, The Carmel Group spent hundreds of hours building and running two separate 80+ question surveys addressed to an exclusive base of members of the two U.S. BWA/fixed wireless trade groups, WISPA and WCA International. A response rate of more than double that of “normal”, “outside” surveys was achieved, capturing answers from 169 out of 555 trade groups’ operators, and 20+ of 44 trade groups’ equipment vendors. This one-of-a kind, unique data base would represent a value of several tens of thousands of dollars if it were capable of being recreated by others today (which it is not). Questions and charted and analyzed answers range from growth optimism levels, to expected vendor equipment and improvements, to licensed, unlicensed and “lightly licensed” spectrum expectations, to monthly churn, ARPU, and revenues. Additional information about ancillary services, challenges, opportunities, access and tranmission points is included, to name but a small few.

TCG 2017 BWA Vendor Survey Questions | TCG 2017 BWA Operator Survey Questions | 2017 BWA Full Report







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The Carmel Group, located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, was founded in 1995 as a spin-off from Paul Kagan Associates. Consulting, especially telecom, media, and technology litigation support and competitive analysis, research, publishing, journalism, and conference support, are our key areas of activity.


The Carmel Group also prides itself on four decades’ worth of business development strategic advisory services, merger and acquisition advisory services, and investment advisory services for companies in the telecommunications, digital media, mobile communications, and high technology sectors. Early focus on the Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) industry was supplemented a few years later by a broader refocus on the larger pay TV and broadcast video industries, and recently eMobility, iMobility, and the Internet of Things, which now also leads us into an additional focus on the new online video/Over-The-Top (OTT) sides of video distribution.