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2021 Fixed-Wireless and Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Report

The Carmel Group’s “2021 Fixed-Wireless and Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Report” is the product of years and years of research and analysis, including those spent on the prior version published five years ago, titled the “2017 Take-off Report.” To access the 2021 report, and with the purpose of engaging or continuing a positive dialogue, we ask that you accurately complete the four-entry free access form that follows your click through below. Thank you in advance for your support of great research, research that thoroughly explains a remarkable industry…its pros, and cons.

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2021 Fixed Wireless and Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Numbers: Broadband Is Healthy
By Jimmy Schaeffler

In this Mixed Signals post, The Carmel Group reveals details of its 18-month long study and resulting report, delving into the U.S. fixed wireless and hybrid fiber-wireless industry.

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Special thanks for Wave7 Research’s Principal, Jeff Moore, for recent photo from and data culled from session dialogue at WISP AMERICA 2022 in New Orleans March 15, 2022. Event titled “Not Your Father’s WISP,” moderated by top U.S. trade association, WISPA’s, Director of Communications, Mike Wendy, and co-paneled by Dale Curtis Communications’ Dale Curtis. Truly an educational affair. Lots of “business life-changing” data and recommendations. Expect more in October 2022 at WISPAPALOOZA 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The world of hybrid fiber wireless is a-changin’! And most of it is pretty remarkable! A lot of people are getting a lot of quality broadband these days.

Below, The Carmel Group’s Jimmy Schaeffler (center foreground table) at the 2019 Mountain Connect event in Keystone, CO, discussing the global broadband and fixed wireless industry with WISPA leaders Claude Aiken, former WISPA CEO (far right); Sam Curtis, CEO, AtLink (on Aiken’s right); Jeff Kohler, co-founder and chief Marketing officer, Rise Broadband (right of Schaeffler); Matt Larsen, president, Vistabeam (far left); and Steve Coran, Esq., outside counsel, WISPA, of the law firm, Lerman Senter HQd in Washington, DC (right of Kohler).  

Below, The Carmel Group’s Jimmy Schaeffler addressing a question during a 2019 Mountain Connect general session on Day Two.

Below, The Carmel Group’s Jimmy Schaeffler moderating and presenting a Day Two session at the 2019 Mountain Connect event in Keystone, CO. Co-panelists were Sam Curtis, CEO of OK-HQd AtLink and W. Douglas Stewart, Principal, of CO-HQd Global Connect.