Bingo is such a popular game in land based casinos that its online version is found everywhere. Almost every online casino has its own set of bingo games. You get real cash prizes or other rewards for playing or you may even play for free if you do not want to gamble with your money. Both options are available. And best of all no download are required; the game is played using adobe flash player in your browser. This makes sure that it easy to play the game as well as not waste time downloading. However the paid versions will require you to go through a simple sign up. It’s not hard and it’s fast. Many casinos offer beautifully themed bingo games which may suit your taste along with good audio effects. Both versions - the American as well as Australian bingo - are available online, play the one which suits your taste. With online bingo you do not need to move from your house or go and sit in smoke rooms. These are some main pros while playing bingo in online casinos. In many ways no download online bingo is a good option.

How to play online

In the online version of bingo you get the game on your computer screen and you simply click on the numbers when they are called or when the ball is selected. The screen includes everything from numbers to the cards, so that you can immerse yourself in this online bingo experience. When you make a combination you hit the play button. You do not need to shout ‘Bingo’. This makes sure that you get the point and continue the game. The odds are greater with progressive blackouts being much higher, but it is almost the same as real bingo halls. The games are quite fast online, and reliable. A certain amount is pre designated for the cash out, a minimum amount or you may also get a certain prize instead of cash out. The inclusion of different versions is also a good point when playing online. You can get your favourite theme based bingo games or just go for the one which you think offers the best rewards. Most of the sites have reliable software which ensures that you have a good experience. The list of those sites you can find here: http://casino-advisor.co.uk/.


While in land based Bingo games you are requested not to talk with your surrounding players, online it is encouraged. You can chat with players and see what they are up to. There are chat boxes available for to interact through. Also you have the option of sending private messages to any player you want. Also you can block those annoying people who keep contacting you when you are playing so that you can focus on the game. This are some features which only online bingo will provide. Although chatting is encouraged it is not a rule, you may choose to lay back and play the game without distractions. Sometimes the entire game is silent with no one talking and other times it’s quite noisy with chats popping up each second. It’s a bit hard to converse and play at the beginning but you will get the hang of it soon after you have started.

Online bingo problems

Sometimes the game may lag due to the internet speed or the traffic on the particular site. This is a small problem for those playing online bingo. Even the browser need to be kept updated to support new software which is used to play. However these problems can be dealt with easily with no problem. Sometimes the cards may not fit the screen; in this case adjusting your screen size and resolution may help get a proper view. Playing bingo online is a great option. It doesn’t take time to travel or too much of effort. Try free bingo or other casino games here: http://casino-advisor.co.uk/free-casino-online-games/.

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