CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, CA—July 10, 2006. Digital media consulting and market research firm, The Carmel Group, today announced the release of its in-depth special study, focusing on the state of the telecom capital expenditures in 15-western European countries, involving 18 major telecom companies. The 87-page, 23-chart study is available for $1499. To download a copy of the report, go to The Carmel Group’s website at http://www.carmelgroup.com.

Entitled “Telecommunications Capex Western Europe, 2006 Study,” it provides critical pieces of data for telecommunication-based companies looking to implement network strategies and tactics involving leading western European cable, satellite and telephone operators. The Carmel Group projects that Western European telecommunication companies will increase overall annual capex by an average of 7% during the next two and a half years, through 2008. A large percentage of the future European telecom growth will come from broadband and wireless deployments.

Further, these telecom companies will generate significant revenues from acquisitions and infrastructure investments in key high subscriber growth markets beyond their core geographical centers, such as Eastern Europe and Latin America, as well as North Africa and West Africa.

Historical capex figures are calculated to 2000, when telecommunication companies in Europe began investing significant funds to upgrade networks, purchase new equipment, and acquire licenses for advanced services. Post 2000, European telecommunication companies significantly decreased their capex spending, as they spent less on acquiring licenses and new equipment, and focused their efforts instead on managing their networks and improving cash flow.

The study produces strong insights into and quantitative snapshots of leading telecom companies, highlighting capex data, key demographic stats, capex spending and company outlooks.

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